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     Health is wealth, everyone knows and it is very true now as medical expenses are huge. It is very important to take care of health ourselves. Nothing is like enjoying a good heath.Health is physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.There are diseases that requires no medicines except proper diet and regimen. Lifestyle diseases are more common and have become more fashionable these days. Most of the people after 40's either have diabetes or hyper tension or both.Many factors such as smoking, stress, alcohol, pollution, processed foods and pesticides and contaminated foods are major health hazards. Non communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and arthritis are mainly due to bad life style practices (poor diet and lack of exercise). It is better to prevent the disease than to cure it.

To achieve good heath there are various factors involved

     Intake of sprouts, dry fruits, nuts, fruits, vegetables

     Greens and millets are advisable.

     Take minimum 3 litres of water daily.

     Adequate rest

     Sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

     Rest also means change of work, so doing things we like can also be rest.


     Exercising early morning in open air is advisable.

     Walking is the best exercise.

     Mental relaxation

     Yoga and meditation keeps both mind and body healthy.
     Positive attitude towards life

Let us see what Homoeopathy can do about Health

Homoeopathy is a scientific, holistic medical system which works by the law    'let likes be curedby likes'    meaning, the substance which produces the symptoms in healthy individual can cure those symptoms in diseased individual after potentization.

This system was found by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann , German physician in 1796, who was a MD allopathic physician, found homoeopathy in his researches. Homoeopathic medicines are derived from plants, animals, Minerals and Metals and various other sources. Medicines are prepared by the method called Potentization


It is a mathematic mechanical process by which the inherited dormant dynamic curative power of drugs is aroused by modifying drug strength to dynamic power through simultaneous process of dilution and friction in definite order.

Significance of Homoeopathy Medicine

     ➛  Medicine cost is low compared to other systems of medicine
     ➛  Homoeopathy medicine is very safe, gentle and cure is rapid and permanent.
     ➛  Easy oral administration
     ➛  Medicines are not addictive and does not create dependency.
     ➛  Improves immunity
     ➛  It has no side effects which suits for every individual and best to prescribe during pregnancy and even for born babies.
     ➛  As medicines are selected based on symptoms medicines can be prescribed immediately without waiting for laboratory investigations or diagnosis

       Prescription of homoeopathy medicine is based on signs and symptoms of the patient, hence careful observation of the symptoms by the patient is vital by which the patient can realize that he is alone responsible for his sickness.

     Homoeopathy is an integral medicine considering mind, body and spirit for its treatment. Homoeopathy doesn't treat patients as different parts or systems e.g. nephrology, cardiology, gastro logy or psychology, etc. whatever system may be affected the pain and agony is felt by the patient so treating the person as a whole is important.

     If diseases are due to infections then man is exposed to viruses and bacteria all the time but do we fall ill all the time?

     NO, it is only when the susceptibility towards the disease is high, diseases occurs.So medicines are given for susceptible individuals not for the disease.Inherent tendency for each individual towards particular disease can be cured with homoeopathic medicines for example,some people are prone to asthma, some to gastric troubles, some to abscess, some to varicosities etc. Homoeopathy removes the tendencies in an individual to produce disease.

     Homoeopathy is at its best in treating skin diseases, respiratory diseases,rheumatic diseases, mental diseases, gastric affections, hormonal dysfunctions, menstrual irregularities, infertility issues,genito urinary problems, sensory affections, lifestyle diseases, migraine and other kind of headaches.

Healthy society needs Homoeopathy