MPT(Ortho),PGMT(Ortho-Australia), Adv.COMT(ortho-Australia), MMT(USA), MFT(USA), MIAP, McMT(Australia), WMT(Headache-Australia), PG. Sports Physio & Sports Med., MD (Alt.Med), FISDIAM, CMT(spine), CTM, PG(Neuro Dynamics), CMP, Ph.D(Manual Therapy), FWCAM(canada)

An Internationally Recognized and Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Practitioner & Registered McConnell and Mulligan Practitioner International Regd no.1428/T/B/34 IAP Regd no.5030-L

Long Good-Bye to Surgery and Pain

     A non-invasive drugless treatment helps cope with neuro-orthopaedic problems and the attendant pain.Those suffering from knee pain, back ache, pain in the neck, shoulder or the joints and other such neuro-orthopaedic problems often have a difficult time coping with the pain that these diseases bring.Medication in the long-term often brings with it unwanted side effects. Surgery does not always provide a permanent solution.

     For those sceptical about orthopaedic surgery 4M-Ortho therapy makes it pain free, non-surgical orthopaedic manual therapy speciallyfor knee pain,low back pain,and neck pain. Located in the heart of Anna nagar,chennai Dr.K. Balakumaran, an internationally recognized and certified advanced orthopaedic manual therapy practitioner and registered McConnell and Mulligan therapy practitioner, the director of the clinic set it up in 2006 leaving behind a sixteen years practice and trained in Australia and America. He has received International Gold medal award,International intellectual award and Research scientist award for his Excellency.

     Why should we choose 4m-orthotherapy?Well, great question, but Dr.K.Balakumaran answer can be exceedingly convincing. He says, An injury or stress may force the patient to assume unnatural postures and movements that may alter the alignment of the bones and soft tissues. Overtime it leads to neuro-musculo-skeletal ailments.4M Ortho therapy aims to realign or reposition those structures to alleviate the stress and ease the pain. The treatment duration depends on the severity of the problem. In most cases, 10-15 sittings are enough after which the patient has to do the prescribed exercises and follow the guidelines to avoid recurrence. Usually the pain is reduced considerably in the first sitting itself. 4m-ortho therapy is an advanced non-surgical orthopaedic manual therapy treatment with pain free technology and involves no surgery, no drugs, no injections, no steroids and has no adverse effects. .

     For Instance, 70 Yrs old Mrs.Vasanthi says, for the furthest months my sedulous work got hindered due to endless pain on both of my knees. My MRI scan showed that I suffered from Bi-lateral osteo arthritis with meniscal tear in both the kness. I was suggested for knee replacement,but I was not interested in surgery. Finally I came to know about 4M-Ortho Therapy through a live interview of Dr.Balakumaran in sun tv and I walked in limping to his clinic. On the 1st sitting itself, I wondered the magical result by fifty percent of pain reduction when pre- and post visual analog pain scores are compared.Then positional decompression, alignment correction,Locking mechanism,ligament strain reduction,spasm reduction and BSC strengthening programme were given and it took 35 sittings for all the above treatment.Now I can bend my knees, climb stairs,walk without pain and since I have been following the necessary manual therapy excercises and guidelines and has no recurrence of my problem.

     4m-ortho therapy also cures Knee Joint pain due to Osteo-arthritis, meniscal tear, ligament tear, ,Low back pain and neck pain due to spondylitis, Disc bulge/herniated disc, Peri - arthiritis/frozen shoulders , ankle sprain, tennis elbow and heel pain.

     Mr.Karuppaiah aged 52 yrs/Male says , I was diagnosed with four disc bulge in my lumbar spine with severe nerve root compression leads to severe low back pain with bilateral sciatica . I consulted a few specialists who adviced medicines, injections and steroids and finally for surgery. When I came across 4m-ortho therapy , on the first sitting some measurements were taken by straight leg raising and bending towards the floor.Then Dr.Balakumaran uses a pain free technique that lasts anywhere between three to five minutes and instantly I got changes in my pain levels and increases the angle of raised leg,reduced the distance between my finger tips and the floor. Dr.Balakumaran reveals that in one short sitting,my SLR angle increased from 40 to 60 degree in left side,50 to 75 degree in right side and while forward bending difference reduced from 20cm to 8 cm.Then Discal decompression,positional distraction,bi-lateral facet release,neural decompression,spinal alignment correction,strain reduction, spasm reduction,postural correction and BSC strengthening programme were given and now there is no low back pain or sciatic pain,I am able to ride my bike for a long distance,bend forward and touch the floor easily.I was under 4MOT treatment for 15 sittings and now I am happy with my quality life back.

     Its imperative that we take the initiative to learn more about the 4M-OrthoTherapy and join the tussle to tackle orthopaedic pain.Lets work together to reach the day when we can celebrate the final farewell to all the Orthopaedic pain, The Long Good Bye!!! Since the work relating to the treatment is intensive,treatment will be given only for fourteen to fifteen patients a month.


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