Atma Yoga India Foundation

( Follower of Guruji Amrita Yogananthar )


     Yoga is like a Banyan Tree it has lot of branches but each and every branches is stronger. Let us know about basics of Yoga. the pain that these diseases bring.Medication in the long-term often brings with it unwanted side effects. Surgery does not always provide a permanent solution.

Combination of Physical Exercise + Breathing Exercise+Meditation = Yoga

It makes our Body and mind Flexible, Relaxed and Balanced. There is lot of second thought with people (i.e) By doing Yoga , Will they loose their weight or Relieves from their illness ?

Kindly please Understand yoga is not a medicine to loose your weight or get relief from all of your illness.
Yoga is a physical and mental Fitness Process of Natures Gift given by our ancient Siddhas.
It increase the weight for low weight person and decrease weight for over weight person, So it is Balancing Process of both body and mind. By doing this process regularly we can prevent us from illness and lead a happy life.

Benefits of Learning Yoga :


     Doing yoga from childhood - Strengthens muscles, makes bones stronger with flexible body and improves IQ Level and gives WILL power to face all kind of good and bad in their life.


     Inner Peace : We love to lead a happy life with Inner peace, By doing Meditation we will feel the inner peace and also it improves our character for better relationship with spouse, parents, friends and loved ones.


     Increase Energy : By doing Physical exercise Yoga at the Start of Everyday Morning 30 Minutes will gain a stamina for our body till night . Even after doing all our multiple works it wont drain our body energy.


     Stress Relief : Pranayama with meditaion is a powerful tool which helps all womens to get relieve from their stress. It also de-tox the body & an excellent cleanser if done regularly. So they will be active throughout the day. Yoga is not religious follow-up, It is the way to lead a happy, peaceful and healthier life, So start learning yoga from today and also help others to learn .

All Kind of Yoga Classes like Kundalini, Vaasi, and so on , are conducted by our Organisation

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